We design inspired brand experiences making every customer’s journey a success story. We believe that serious business should also be serious fun. We value coworkers for their character and can say the same for our clients. And in this increasingly crazy world where corner store and app store work side by side, we build a human touch into everything we design.


Paul Fucik

Arts? Paul is a self made designer and entrepreneur. He founded Arts and Recreation in 2010 following his successful stint as a partner at The Decoder Ring. He brings a journeyman’s straight talk and a designer’s boundless curiosity to every project. He sets a high standard for creative work, and demands that it create real impact for his clients. He’s just as passionate about building a team of equally driven designers.

Rec? In the off hours, you’ll find Paul outside—old man mornings at the skatepark, swimming, surfing, riding dirtbikes or just romping in the backyard with his kids.


Clint Breslin

Arts? Clint started his design career by going west—taking his design degree to one of the leading motocross brands in Cali-fornia. It was only natural for someone who attempted his first dirt bike jump at age six (into an empty swimming pool no less…). When he came back to Texas, he found Art and Recreation the ideal place to put the same passion into design that he did into those early rides. He always goes the extra mile to make every project he touches the best it can be.

Rec? When he’s not burning the midnight oil in the studio you’ll find him burning up his personal sand track or on his tractor building the perfect jump.


Adam Dodson

Arts? The youngest of the Arts and Rec bunch, “Young Adam” hit the ground running as soon as he joined the team. He’s the kid you want on your team, ready to work, a range of skills to play any position and tenacity to keep at it until it’s right. His new school approach is a good balance for some of our old school ways.

Rec? A musician at heart, you’ll find Adam writing and recording songs on his guitar (and a few other instruments). Adam enjoys stomping pedals and waking the neighbors.


Courtney Ewan

Arts? Courtney’s first day at Arts and Recreation was delayed slightly…so she could attend her University graduation. Since then, she has stepped right up to the plate on every design challenge we can throw at her.

Rec? It just so happens that Courtney’s rec is her art. An art gallery co-curator in her own right, you’ll likely see her at a local gallery art opening, running the streets with her friends, or swimming at her beloved Barton Creek .

Required Reading

Do you have a minimum?

We don’t have an “X amount to get in the door policy” but we do enjoy making a living at this. E-mail us a description of your project and we’ll try to get you a rough estimate asap.

Are you accepting internships?

Not at the moment but if you feel like your portfolio is so good it might get you in the door, and you love to sweep, send a PDF to our info e-mail.

Can you “make a website for me”?

In short, Yes. Ideally we’d like to back up a little bit, or a lot, and make sure your overall brand represents what you do and what you stand for.

Do you print posters commercially?

While screen printing is one of our passions we don’t do any commercial printing. Try Industry Screenprint, Bearded Lady, Rural Rooster or Diesel Fuel Prints. All quality printers and good guys.

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