With a hands-on approach to brand development, Arts and Recreation is a client-focused design firm that believes collaboration is key. Our dynamic team of designers are successful at striking a balance between young and old, tradition and innovation, timelessness and trends.


Paul Fucik

Arts? Halfway between schooled and self-taught, Paul has been dabbling in graphic design and printmaking since he was twelve. Homemade skateboard T-shirts first, rock posters second and levitation third.

Rec? Surfing, skating, swimming, riding motorcycles… almost anything outdoors, including chasing his two little girls around the backyard.


Clint Breslin

Arts? After college Clint moved west to chase his dream and work in the motocross industry. When Arts and Rec needed an extra hand, he was ready. For what its worth, CB would really rather be traveling the globe, but he knows it takes money to do such things. If you gotta work it might as well be doing something you enjoy.

Rec? CB jumped his first dirt bike into an empty pool, headfirst, when he was six. Since then he has driven a packed van full of moto-heads countless miles across the country to find the perfect dune jump.

Julie Cope Photography

Erica Stivison

Arts? Influenced by her father’s arts and her mother’s crafts, Erica aka “Ricki” has always been interested in design. Beginning her career as an intern, Erica has become an accomplished designer and asset to Arts and Recreation.

Rec? Before learning the way of the pixel, Erica’s family signed her up for dance class. She is currently a member of a local professional modern-dance company.

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Do you have a minimum?

We don’t have an “X amount to get in the door policy” but we do enjoy making a living at this. E-mail us a description of your project and we’ll try to get you a rough estimate asap.

Are you accepting internships?

Not at the moment but if you feel like your portfolio is so good it might get you in the door, and you love to sweep, send a PDF to our info e-mail.

Can you “make a website for me”?

In short, Yes. Ideally we’d like to back up a little bit, or a lot, and make sure your overall brand represents what you do and what you stand for.

Do you print posters commercially?

While screen printing is one of our passions we don’t do any commercial printing. Try Industry Screenprint, Bearded Lady, Rural Rooster or Diesel Fuel Prints. All quality printers and good guys.

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