Who Is Arts & Recreation
People you like making work you love.

Arts and Recreation is a full-service graphic design studio based in Austin Texas. Our projects range from local corner store to globally-reaching app store. We are a local agency with national experience that has built trusting relationships with our clients as well as our vendors. While we are at our best building a brand from the ground up, we’re happy to talk with you about your project no matter the scope. 

The Crew
Good design happens in threes fives.

Paul Fucik


Paul is a self made designer and entrepreneur. He founded Arts and Recreation in 2010 following his successful stint as a partner at The Decoder Ring. He brings a journeyman’s straight talk and a designer’s boundless curiosity to every project. He sets a high standard for creative work, and demands that it create real impact for his clients. He’s just as passionate about building a team of equally driven designers.

In the off hours, you’ll find Paul outside — surfing, skating, riding dirtbikes or fixing something for his kids.

Clint Breslin


Clint started his design career by going west—taking his design degree to one of the leading motocross brands in Cali-fornia. It was only natural for someone who attempted his first dirt bike jump at age six (into an empty swimming pool no less…). When he came back to Texas, he found Art and Recreation the ideal place to put the same passion into design that he did into those early rides. He always goes the extra mile to make every project he touches the best it can be.

When he’s not burning the midnight oil in the studio you’ll find him burning up his personal MX track or on his tractor building the perfect jump.

Matthew Heckmann

productiOn manager

Matthew discovered a love for printmaking in high school art class when he cut his first linoleum block. Little did he know that his passion for putting ink on stuff could become a career. After culinary school and years of working in kitchens, he began a new life as an offset pressman in a commercial print shop. He later diversified his craft before becoming a print production manager. If you need something with your brand on it, Matthew knows how to get it made.

A natural dabbler, you can find him obsessing over a new board game, getting his hands dirty in the backyard vegetable garden, hauling his toddler on a hike, biking to the farmer’s market, or geeking out over NBA stats.

Adam Dodson


Adam brings a new school approach that balances some of our old school ways. He likes to consider all the moving parts of a project and use his music background to influence his design decisions.

You’ll find Adam writing and recording songs on his guitar, or playing shows with his band Zealand the North. Ask him about guitar pedals or listen @adam.dodson


hard drive protection

Marti makes sure all HR protocol is being enforced in the office.

Having been bitten by a rattlesnake on three separate occasions, Marti has mellowed a bit and is limited her interest to squirrels.