Good Call Food Co.

Good Call: 100% Good Snack Dip

Good Call brings snacks to the market that don’t just taste better, they are better for you.

Good Call Snack Dip is a delicious, cauliflower based, nutritionally dense superfood spread that is the first high-performance, crave-able snack dip. The Good Call folks are avid cyclists, runners, and food industry professionals who wanted to build a snack brand that ticked all their boxes: low carbs and calories, keto and vegan friendly, GMO and Gluten free… you know the drill — all the stuff that makes you feel good.

We worked through naming with the Good Call team, then moved into full brand creation, packaging design, point of sale materials, and web presence.

We had the brand buttoned up, looking good, and accepted into Whole Foods before we finished packaging our initial three flavors! The Arts and Rec team understood what needed to be done and made us stand out in a very competitive market.

Kevin Warden, Partner – Good Call Food Co.

Thank you to our sidekicks:

Rural Rooster, Screen Printing
Lauren Lindley, Photography