Houston’s mid-main spot for fancy sandwiches and tasty cocktails

Winnie’s Heart and Soul loves H-Town.

This project was fun. Arts and Rec has a few roots in Houston, Texas so when Winnie’s called saying they wanted to develop a brand that celebrates everything the diverse city has to offer, we were in.

The Winnie’s team are industry professionals with a great sense of pride and humor. Together, we created a brand system that is colorful, clean and can poke fun at year-around humidity, warm coastal breezes, petroleum tinged sunsets and all-day traffic.

We talked to a bunch of firms, but the crew at Arts and Rec were the ones who we felt really got it! So many firms out there are trying to show off and make everything as design-y as it can be, but Arts and Rec understands that sometimes less is more, and that the best brands leave room for organic growth.

We couldn’t have been happier with the whole experience of working with them and would definitely recommend hiring them and letting them work their dark arts.

Benjy Mason, Partner

Thanks to our collaborators

Matt Thompson, Design + Illustration
TNT Screenprinting
Mac The Signpainter
Patrick Renner Woodworking