Jamey and Constance Garza are a duo, a team, that brings the design sensibility of Marfa, Texas to custom-made furniture and textiles. We feel lucky to work with such talented, artistic people who have a great eye for design. If ever in West Texas make sure to stop by their showroom and say hello.

What can you say when one of your favorite clients asks to work with you on a drive-thru/walk-up restaurant that sells pasture-raised chicken al carbon, tortas, street corn, aguas frescas, homemade ice cream, and six-packs to go?  "Yes, please!" We worked closely with the Fresa's team to build their brand from logo, color system, wayfinding, and menu plan. We then transformed an old photo lab into a hip, good-looking, award-winning, blogged-about restaurant. It's not only the 20' rotating neon chicken that beckons foodies near and far; the food is damn good, too.

Niantic Labs can be found somewhere between San Francisco, Austin and New York. We have never actually met an employee of this mysterious company, but their drones drop instructions and payments when required. What we have gathered from our relationship with Niantic is that there is a high level of intellect, a keen knowledge of maps, and a detailed eye for design. Their stealthiness lends charm to their projects. Rumor has it they might be a reincarnation of the A-Team.

Field Trip is a tour guide app that engages users with their physical surroundings. Through location-based notifications, it relays tidbits of local history while recommending the best hidden gems. Our widest-reaching project to date, we've worked closely with Niantic Labs to provide digital deliverables for mobile platforms, enhance the existing map technology, and develop collateral and wayfinding for Field Trip Days nation wide. This ongoing project has one foot in the future and one in a bucket of ink.

Aaron Michalovic is a timber framer from the frigid northeast, now relocated to Austin. He's the only woodworker we know that wears flip-flops year-round. It might be hard to have faith in a woodworker who leaves his toes vulnerable to a dropped hammer or a rogue board, but this guy can build a barn that will last 200 years or carve a spoon from a delicate branch. Watching him work encourages us to do what we love – however we get there.

All the logos in one place! Many of the projects we take on at Arts and Recreation begin by creating a logo. Designing a mark that successfully defines a client and their brand is one of our favorite things to do.

Jed Buie and Ashley Kegley-Whitehead love to tell stories. As a public relations team, Buie and Co. works on a wide range of issues, which is why they asked us to create an identity that could both "impress a politician or earn the respect of a farmer."

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